Churchland Animal Clinc was started in 1968 by Durbin Donahue, VMD.  When Churchland was surrounded by farms, he treated both small and large animals, and it was not unusual to find horses and other large "critters" being cared for in our parking area.  As the Churchland farms have faded, the era has passed for large animal medicine at Churchland Animal Clinic.

In 1986, Talmadge "Midge" Yeatts, DVM joined Dr. Donahue's staff and began practicing small animal medicine.  In November 1998, Dr. Donahue and Dr. Yeatts joined forces to start the North Suffolk Animal Clinic in the Bennetts Creek area of Suffolk.  In 1999, Dr. Donahue annouced his retirement and Dr. Yeatts purchased the practice.  Today, Dr. Yeatts is joined by a staff of exceptional veterinarians, technicians, receptionists, and assistants.  Together they are bound by the highest degree of veterinary ethics and continually strive to provide quality veterinary care to our patients and clients.

AAHA Accredited

Churchland Animal Clinic is AAHA Accredited.  AAHA is the American Animal Hospital Association and was founded in 1933.  To be an accredited member of AAHA, high standards of quality veterinary care must be met.


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