*Churchland & North Suffolk Animal Clinic’s Action Plan regarding COVID-19*

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At Churchland & North Suffolk Animal Clinics, we are focused on continuing to deliver exceptional medical service to all of our patients. More than
ever, in light of the evolving COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we are focused on the health and safety of all our clients, patients and employees, without compromising the quality of our veterinary services.

We are following the latest information, protocols and tools from the world’s leading health experts and government authorities – including the
World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control – to maximize the effectiveness of our response. Beginning 3/20/2020, we will begin strict
social distancing per the recommendations of the CDC and WHO. This distancing will include 100% curbside interaction for appointments and
product/medication pick up. Humane Euthanasias will be the only exception for entrance to our facilities. With this exception, we must continue to
restrict human interactions, therefore we kindly request only one family member accompany the patient.

In the interest of all of our clients and staff, Churchland & North Suffolk Animal Clinic teams requests that any clients who are exhibiting symptoms
such as fever, cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties refrain from coming to the facility and have a family member or friend bring their
pet or reschedule the appointment entirely. Churchland & North Suffolk Animal Clinic staff members will be minimizing direct human-to-human
contact while following all CDC recommended hygiene practices.

We have heightened our already stringent practices around sanitation, disinfection and cleaning, plus specific measures based on the guidance of
local health authorities. The WHO has several recommendations to reduce exposure to a range of illnesses, including hand and respiratory hygiene as
well as safe travel practices.

We are doing everything we can to provide a safe and sanitary experience when you visit us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we
work through this together.

Churchland & North Suffolk Animal Clinics


Curbside service information effective 3/19/2020
*Due to continued concern of COVID-19 and in an effort to **minimize potential exposure to the virus to clients and staff members, Churchland Animal Clinic will not be permitting any clients to enter our facility as of Friday, 3/20/2020. We will be providing curbside service for all appointments, medication and product pickups, and specimen drop off’s.*

When you arrive at Churchland Animal Clinic, please call 757-484-2733 and select OPTION 1 and inform the staff of your name and pet’s name and what you are here for. Please let them know the make and color of your car.

*For standard exams/appointments:*

- Prior to your appointment, please click here to fill out the “*Patient health summary for appointment” *. When you hit submit, this form
will be sent to us electronically.
- When you arrive, please call our office at 757-484-2733.
- A staff member will meet you at your vehicle to hand you a “slip-lead” leash. You (the owner) will need to place the leash on your pet while the doors to your car are still closed. Additionally, we require that your personal leash also remain on your pet. **All feline patients must be in secured carriers**
- Once both leashes are secure (for dogs) or pet is secured inside of the carrier (if Feline or small canine) our staff member will advise you on
how to safely transfer the pet to them.
- Your pet will be escorted into an exam room or treatment area for care.
- Please remain in your vehicle in the parking lot.
- The veterinarian and assistant may contact you to obtain information about your pet before the exam begins. They will continue to
communicate with you during the appointment for consent of diagnostics, treatments, medications and to discuss any concerns you may have.
- At the end of the appointment, one of our staff members will
collect a method of payment and return your pet directly to your car.

*For Surgery and Procedure Drop-offs/Pick-ups:*

- We will be emailing you the required documents for your pet and kindly ask that you print, fill out and bring those with you on the day of the
- When you arrive, please call our office at 757-484-2733 and select OPTION 1.
- We will then discuss the scheduled procedure, review consent paperwork & treatment plans and coordinate a pick up time for your pet
later in the day.
- A staff member will come out to your car in the same method listed above for regular appointments.
- When you arrive for discharge pick-up, please call our office at 757-484-2733 and select OPTION 1
- A member of our team will discuss your pet’s discharge and follow-up instructions. Following discussion, we will collect payment and
bring your pet to your car.

*For Medication, Food & Product Refills*

- Medication, food & product refills may be requested by calling 757-484-2733 select OPTION 2 *You must call in requests *AT LEAST*
24 hours in advance.* More notice is encouraged as we can then verify product availability. *Please be aware that while we are striving to
do our best to keep all products and supplies on hand, we are experiencing shortages/delays on certain items much like many other
businesses as we are at the mercy of our distributors and their manufacturers.*
- A team member will call when your pet’s refill is ready for pick up & collect payment over the phone.
- When you arrive to pick-up the refill, please call our office at 757-484-2733 select OPTION 1 and a team member will bring the refill out to
your car.

*For Humane Euthanasia Appointments*

- Humane Euthanasias will be the only exception for entrance to our facilities. With this exception, we must continue to restrict human
interactions, therefore we kindly request only one family member accompany the patient. This family member must not be experiencing any signs or
symptoms of illness nor have been in close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19. Alternatively, we encourage you to utilize in-home euthanasia
services that are offered in our area to minimize potential exposure and allow the opportunity for more family members to be present.
Please click the following link for additional information.

*Notification of change of hours*

*Monday - Friday 7am-6pm*

*Saturday 7am-2pm*


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