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Understanding Dog Boarding in Portsmouth

If you have upcoming travel plans that don't or can't include your beloved canine friend, you may find yourself scouring cyberspace for Portsmouth dog boarding FAQs. We understand your concerns, so our team here at Churchland Animal Clinic has put together a set of Portsmouth dog boarding FAQs just for you! Here are some of the most common questions we hear regarding dog boarding in Portsmouth:

When should I consider dog boarding in Portsmouth? While many individuals prefer to be with their dog at all times, even when traveling, sometimes that just isn't possible or advisable. Your hotel might not welcome pets, for instance, or the friends or relatives at your destination might be allergic to dogs. If your dog has special medical needs, you may not be able to provide him with adequate care on the road. All of these are good reasons to consider dog boarding in Portsmouth.

Will my dog be safe at your facility? We watch over our guests carefully, and our daily presence helps to ensure that your dog's every need is taken care of. This is especially true for animals who need regular medication or veterinary monitoring -- something no pet sitter or neighbor, no matter how well-meaning or loving, can provide.

Must my dog be vaccinated to be boarded? We require all dogs who stay with us to have their core vaccinations (the vaccinations that protect against the most deadly diseases) updated before their boarding stay. This step protects all the pets in our facility from any unnecessary disease exposure.

What other pre-boarding steps do I need to take? In addition to vaccination updates, we also need to perform fecal testing to make sure dog carries no parasites, and your pet must also be on some sort of flea and tick prevention program. If your pet has never stayed in our Portsmouth dog boarding facility before, we recommend that you let him spend a preliminary night with us just to get used to the environment and recognize that he is among friends.

What happens if my pet has a health crisis? One of the biggest advantages to pursuing veterinary dog boarding in Portsmouth is the reassurance that your animal will always have prompt access to medical care. Our skilled professionals understand the importance of administering daily prescriptions and monitoring your pet's health. If a crisis occurs, your dog is in the best possible place to receive immediate attention and treatment.

Will my dog enjoy himself? We aim to please our guests and give them a fulfilling and comfortable stay. That's we offer daily exercise, including a supervised off-leash session, as well as twice-daily feedings and as much quiet time as your pet needs or prefers.

Rely on Us for Portsmouth Dog Boarding

Portsmouth dog boarding FAQs are helpful, but for detailed answers to all your questions about dog boarding in Plymouth, please contact our clinic. We are ready to look after your beloved friend!


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