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Affordable Puppy Wellness Plans in Portsmouth

Do you want your puppy to get the best possible start on a happy and healthy life? Do you wish you could lump those first few critical vet visits together and pay a discounted rate? Well, Portsmouth puppy wellness programs offered at Churchland Animal Clinicnow both you and your puppy can get what you need, thanks to the Puppy Wellness Programs available here at Churchland Animal Clinic in Portsmouth!

Dogs need veterinary care from the very beginning of their lives. They require vaccination against potentially deadly viruses as well as protection against heartworms or other parasites. Dogs also risk developing reproductive diseases, including cancer, later in later if they do not undergo spay or neuter surgery at a young age. A growing puppy also has specific nutritional and dietary needs that we can discuss with you.

How Do the Puppy Wellness Plans Work?

We offer two different levels of wellness plans. Choose between a three-visit plan or a four-visit plan, depending on your puppy's age at the time of enrollment. If your puppy is nine to twelve weeks old he needs to enroll in the three-visit plan, while a puppy six to eight weeks old is better served by the four-visit plan. Each plan, however, offers the same list of services, only spaced out differently to accord with the visit schedule.

Of course your puppy will receive a comprehensive exam at each visit so our Portsmouth veterinarian can evaluate his baseline health. We also administer a series of core vaccinations with each visit to protect your puppy against rabies, canine influenza, bordatella and leptospirosis. Puppies require multiple injections of the core vaccines (unlike adult dogs who have already undergone this process and only need periodic booster shots).

Portsmouth veterinary care includes puppy wellness careNot all of the veterinary care services in the plan occur with each and every visit. For instance, we perform a total of two fecal checks during the course of the program. These fecal checks allow us to detect intestinal parasites. We also provide a total of two deworming procedures to protect your puppy against hookworms and roundworms. One of the most important services we provide in the plan is spay or neuter surgery, which will allow your puppy to enjoy a calmer, healthier life -- with no chance of accidentally introducing a whole new litter of puppies into your family.

Our wellness programs do not just extend to office visits. Our animal hospital includes microchipping in our plans to help you find your puppy if he gets lost. You also receive a complimentary puppy food kit and puppy education kit so you can continue to give him the right care at home.

We do not charge an enrollment fee, and you can cancel your plan participation at any time, with the understanding that any remaining services your puppy need will be billed at our standard rates. Bear in mind, too, that this plan does not include treatment for illnesses or emergency services.

Puppy Wellness Plan Brochure

Do yourself and your Portsmouth puppy a favor -- find out more about our puppy wellness plans by calling us at 757-484-2733!