Pet Boarding FAQs

Are you planning to board your pet at our Portsmouth kennel? If so, you may be wondering what to expect and how best to prepare your pet for pet boarding. Below, our Portsmouth veterinarian answers five of our pet owners’ most frequently asked pet boarding questions:

#1: Why should I choose pet boarding at a veterinary hospital?

For most pet owners, it is logistically non-feasible to travel with pets. Unfortunately, leaving pets home alone is not always the best option, even if a friend or neighbor checks in on your pet. Pets that are left home alone are more likely to become anxious, nervous or stressed. The may act out these feelings of anxiety or abandonment by destroying furniture or trying to escape. Even if you typically are gone long hours during the day for work, your pet is used to your routine and expects you to return at a certain time. Your unexpected absence can be very unsettling and confusing for pets. Short walks or daily visits from a neighbor are simply not the same as constant companionship.

#2: My dog is on a special diet or needs medication; can you accommodate these needs?

Yes, our veterinary hospital is happy to accommodate your pet’s dietary or medical needs. If your pet needs special food, please send his meals to our animal hospital along with feeding instructions. For medication, please talk to our veterinarian about what medicine needs to be administered and on what schedule. Our kennel staff and veterinary care technicians are trained to administer medication and happy to help.

#3: What is typical day like during pet boarding?

We follow a consistent schedule each day to give your pet structure. We exercise all of our canine guests daily, including supervised individual off-leash exercise in a fully-enclosed outside run area. We match pets based on size and temperament; if you would prefer your dog not to interact with other pets, we are happy to accommodate this request. We feed pets twice per day and provide “quiet time” in the evening to help pets wind down after an exciting day.

#4: Will my pet get sick in pet boarding?

Our Portsmouth veterinary hospital follows strict sanitary and safety guidelines to reduce the risk for illness. Prior to admittance, all pets must be up to date on core vaccinations, including rabies. We also require a recent negative fecal sample. Pets should be on flea/tick prevention medication. Should your pet become ill during his or her visit, our veterinarian will immediately provide care. With our vet team just steps away, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the best possible care.

#5: How can I help prepare my pet for boarding?

If your pet has never been to pet boarding before, we recommend a short overnight visit. This will help your pet acclimate to our environment and reassure your pet that you will be returning. We require a day boarding evaluation prior to boarding a pet that has never boarded with us before.


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