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The next time you travel, don’t leave your dog home alone. Instead, our veterinary hospital’s dog boarding services are the perfect choice for keeping your canine companion safe and happy. Whether you a traveling for a mid-week work trip, a weekend getaway or an extended vacation, dog boarding in Portsmouth is a smart choice for your pet’s well-being. Our kennel staff provides interactive play, personalized attention, and will cater to your dog’s unique dietary or medical needs. Most importantly, if your dog requires veterinary care, our veterinarian can easily address your dog’s health problem.

Portsmouth Dog Boarding

Portsmouth Dog Boarding Is a Smart Choice for Your Pet's Safety

Dogs that are boarded at a veterinary hospital can be better cared for than dogs that are left home alone. Even if a neighbor checks in on your dog once a day, this is not a substitute for the regular companionship they are typically used to. Dogs are naturally active, curious animals and crave human interaction. When left home alone for extended periods, your dog can become confused, frustrated, anxious and depressed. Some dogs take out these anxieties by destroying furniture, chewing up the house, or even trying to escape.

Accidental poising is a leading cause for veterinary health emergencies. During your dog’s “exploration” of the family home, it is possible he might chew a poisonous houseplant, discover leftover Halloween chocolate or consume another toxic substance. Without immediate care, your pet could become seriously ill. At our veterinary hospital, there is less need to worry about your pet’s safety. Dog boarding in Portsmouth provides your pet a trained staff to take care all of his day-to-day needs.

Our Portsmouth dog boarding services are also a great way to ensure your dog receives the attention, exercise and activity to which he is accustomed. Our team loves dogs and they enjoy showering your dogs with plenty of love and attention. If your dog is shy or does not play well with others, we can provide personalized care along with one-on-one walks. Otherwise, we offer supervised interactive play and frequent walks. For your dog’s safety, we match dogs based on size and personality, so you will not need to worry about your shy dog being overwhelmed by a larger, aggressive dog.

In order to protect your dog’s safety, our boarding kennel follows strict sanitary guidelines. We regularly sanitize the kennels, including toys and shared space. All pet owners must submit proof that their dogs are up-to-date on core vaccinations, including rabies, prior to admittance. Dogs must also be on medicated flea/tick prevention, heartworm medication, and have a clean fecal sample.

As an added benefit to pet owners, some basic wellness services are also available to your dog while in boarding. Before your dog returns home, he may also benefit from our dog grooming services. We can bathe your dog, trim the nails and cut your dog’s coat. Your dog will go home smelling fresh and clean!

Questions about our Portsmouth dog boarding services? Contact us today to learn more!


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